“It’s not your fault, but it is your responsibility.”

Take your own journey of self-deliverance through Bonnie Kelly’s inspiring story of victim-to-victory. Using her personal story, Bonnie will guide you in an exploration of your subconscious mind. With each chapter, another layer of Bonnie’s story helps you uncover toxic subconscious viruses from your past that sabotage your success and happiness. The tools and exercises she shares will help you install anti-virus software for the mind so you can create the life you desire.

Bonnie Kelly is a renowned speaker, author, and coach who has helped thousands of individuals reprogram the subconscious mind to break free self-destructive thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Through Bonnie’s methodology, you too can release your insecurities and limiting perceptions to become the person you long to be. As Bonnie says,“Insecurities are just weeds of the mind needing to be pulled.”

With Bonnie’s step-by-step process, you’ll finally be able to kick  those bad habits, release gnawing insecurities and let go of your history.

About The Author

It’s easy to share with you all my business successes and accomplishments to validate my credibility. I could share with you the thousands of people I have helped, the fortune 500 companies I have coached and the seemingly endless list of testimonies of people who have utilized my methods to transform their lives, but to me, that’s not why you are here.

You are seeking answers. Answers that only a real and personal triumph can answer for you.

Like most people today, I came from a broken home filled with dysfunction and chaos. Family fights, lies, and emotional detachment were a normal day in my home. Before I had even graduated high school, I already experienced physical, sexual, mental, and emotional abuse that drove me into a deep rebellion with no regard for life. Throughout my childhood and into my young adult life, I can remember many moments of closing my eyes and begging God to just take me away.

It wasn’t until the exposure of the childhood sexual abuse where my family sided against me, that I broke. It was at this point that a complete disregard for myself and life started to unfold. I turned to the streets at just 14 years old, and in desperate need of acceptance, I was introduced to drugs and drinking. It was during this chapter of my life that I was in/out of jail, probation, court appointed rehabs, and was on a fast-track to nowhere. I found myself in the first of many abusive relationships that would plague me for many years of my life. After graduating high school, I knew I desperately needed change. I started moving from state to state like a gypsy, searching for a new life, only to discover more dysfunction everywhere I turned. During this chaotic period of my life, I gained insight into why my life was such a mess. I was continuously victimized by my situations and completely blind to the role I was playing in them.

It was the smallest flicker of fate that saved my life during this dark hour. By sheer fate, I was reconnected with my biological father who had abandoned our family so many years before. In my desperate need for help, he opened his doors and heart to me in hopes of renewing what was long thought to be a lost relationship.

With $300 to my name, I gave away everything I had collected in my 21 years that didn’t fit into a few duffle bags and hopped on a one-way train headed to California. With an overdue deep breath of fresh air, I finally found myself in a stable enough environment to start untangling a lifetime of dysfunction. I wish I could say that my path to healing was straightforward and easy one, but it wasn’t.

I continued to struggle mentally. I found I had attracted another mentally abusive relationship and without drugs, I was then struggling with depression, self-worthiness issues, and what became a five-year long battle with an eating disorder. Once again darkness seemed to creep in around me. Feeling lost, I knew it was time to take a long hard look in the mirror. As I pulled myself off the floor of despair, I pointed to myself in the mirror and with a deep convicting voice, I declared, “It is time to take responsibility for your life and learn to love you!” From that point on, I vowed to learn how to respect myself, release my internal blocks, and break free of my limitations so that I could fully step into a life filled with more joy, love, purpose, and fulfillment than I could have ever imagined.

Today I look back with deep empathy for the pain that little girl endured, but passionately value the strength it gave me to be the woman I am today. Knowing what it takes to FREE my life fueled my purpose to help people just like you learn how to UnLimit their lives.

Now coaching and teaching are my Life! After more than a decade of addiction, suffering & self-hatred, I knew there had to be more to life! Our greatest pains can be our greatest gifts if we have the skills to let them. Learning how to take personal responsibility for more than just my actions; but my thoughts, feelings, and beliefs, has opened the door of possibility. I embraced the idea it was anyone else’s job to save me and set myself free! This was the hard lesson I had to learn myself. Now, fast forward many years, thousands of hours learning, studying, growing, and mastering the art of personal development; you will find a balanced, self-loving and confident woman… you will find ME!

Many of the reasons why we self-sabotage aren’t our fault. Our past mistakes, failures, and the unintentional mistakes of others shape the belief systems that run our lives. If you have tried affirmations that never seem to stick, if you are repeating toxic patterns or thoughts, if you are limiting yourself in any way, then this is the book for you. The subconscious mind is the powerhouse of our decisions. Without a thorough investigation into the depths of the mind, much of our conscious efforts to change our lives will fall short. But this does not have to be your destiny.

Change IS possible and within these pages, you will discover just how possible it truly is. I am so blessed that the universe has lead you here. Find your strength, find your voice, and find your purpose within these pages. I know you are capable of change because you are much stronger than you think you are. Enjoy the journey & be sure to share your success with me. I am here for you every step of the way.

With much love, Bonnie.

What's Inside

Table Of Contents

Introduction: It’s Not Your Fault But It Is Your Responsibility

Chapter 1:  Where It All Begins

Chapter 2:  Identifying the Source

Chapter 3:  The Validation Process

Chapter 4:  Thought Tornado of Destruction

Chapter 5:  A Shift in Perspective

Chapter 6:  Letting Go

Chapter 7:  Rebooting the Subconscious Mind

Chapter 8:  Victim to Victory: A Story Retold

Chapter 9:  Moving Forward

What You Will Learn

How To Unravel The Complexity Of The Mind.

Understanding why you do, act, feel, react, and interpret things the way that you do is imperative to transforming your life.

What Subconscious Virus Is Wreaking Havoc In Your Life.

Learn to detect and uninstall the viruses in your subconscious mind will help you permanently change your life.

How To Stop The Cycle Of Self-Sabotage.

Learn why you keep doing that even though you know it’s not good for you! Whether it’s food, relationships, finances, or a bad habit, you can stop the cycle of sabotage for good!

How To Challenge Your Assumptions.

Throughout this book you will learn how your brain is working against you and what you can do instead. Learn these and so much more!

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