Bonnie Kelly is the founder of Bonnie Kelly & Associates; Author of True to Your Core; Personal Development Expert & Speaker; and Mastermind Behind the MindFu Academy.

Bonnie has a gift for balancing success, passion, personal growth, & life. Her approach and style has helped thousands of people transform out of needless suffering by strengthening their emotional resilience.

After years of dysfunction, including emotional & sexual abuse, abandonment, food and drug addiction, Bonnie has become an eating, breathing testimony that anyone can change their lives. Through her teachings and methodologies, she helps you get out of your way and on with your life.

In 2004, what initially began as a path of personal healing, quickly transitioned to pursuing a career in personal development. Bonnie has since dedicated her life to helping others, to stop the endless cycle of self-abuse and self-sabotage.

“Teaching & Coaching is my Life! After more than a decade of addiction, suffering & self-hatred, I have come to realize that life is too short to be miserable! In my darkest hour, I CHOSE to start taking personal responsibility and let go of the idea it was anyone else’s job to save me! Fast forward a 10+ years, thousands of hours learning, studying, growing, & mastering the art of personal development, you will find a balanced, self-loving & confident woman… you will find ME!”

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In 2010, Bonnie launched her coaching career. Currently residing in California, Bonnie has worked in the Placer County & Sacramento County areas for over a decade, while traveling all over the country helping others. With thousands of hours of personal & group coaching experience, Bonnie has gained the reputation as a core energy coach, who helps you get to the ROOT of your blocks locked deep in your subconscious mind for permanent removal.

Bonnie has taught thousands of hours of personal development classes, workshops, and seminars and will wow your audience with your energetic speeches.

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If you are looking for a dynamic, high-energy conversation that is filled with conscious, life-altering insight, then Bonnie Kelly is just the guest you are looking for.

Bonnie has a knack for taking the conversation deep while still offering practical tools so your listeners are consumed with value. Speaking from personal experience, Bonnie is not an ordinary coach. She is a true testament of transformation and has been-there, overcame-that. Her story is not only inspiring but an encouraging image what is possible.

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With years of experiences speaking to large audiences, radio / podcast interviews, and working behind a camera, she has the personality and professionalism you are looking for. When it comes to simplifying the processes of the mind, you won’t find a more personal, fun, and energetic person to dazzle your audience.

Whether it is a professional gathering, businesses related, self-help driven, inspiring, or motivational talk, Bonnie is quick on her feet and can effortlessly help your group understand the power of the mind.